“Its about interaction, learning and most importantly, fun”

What is Toddler Tennis?

Toddler Tennis is a specialist coaching company which uses fun, age appropriate activities designed to get 2-5 year olds active. The business was formed with the sole intention of bringing specialist tots tennis into club, halls & educational environments. Our exciting programme allows children to learn tennis specific skills, interact with other children, as well as develop important social, mental and physical attributes.

Session Structure
Our Toddler Tennis programme runs all year round with indoor and outdoor venues. We have designed our sessions to ensure every one is tailored, focusing on specific themes every week.

Warm Up
We always begin our Toddler Tennis sessions with a fun, high energy warm up. This usually involves footwork exercises, relay races or high intensity games. This will get your child’s blood flowing, preparing the body and mind for the activities ahead.

ABC’s & Drills
Good Agility, Balance and Co-ordination are essential in tennis and many other sports. Therefore, developing these could help your child excel in sport later in life. Our ABC’s usually include throwing and catching, footwork drills, racket and ball activities (not technical).

Technical Basics (Main Theme)
During this section of the session we focus on a specific skill including forehand, backhand, serve, volley. As they begin to improve we may start using a combination of skills. Grasping these skills can be difficult so we use child friendly imagery such as starfish position, high five, taking a picture. This helps them remember what position they need to get into to play the shot. Take a look at our gallery to see this in action. As their confidence begins to grow the improvement is significant. Before you know it your child will be hitting sponge balls all over the place!

We end our sessions with a fun game, which the children always look forward too! This usually involves some element of competition and gives the child a chance to use the skills they have learned throughout the session. These games include tidy the room, dodgeball, chicken run and jailbreak. Every few weeks specially designed Toddler Tennis Stickers are given out to the children, which really puts a smile on their faces!