Tennis is a lifetime sport, which can be played at any age. Children who play tennis will enjoy the game and its health and social benefits throughout their lifetime. Of course everyone hopes to uncover the next Andy Murray or Laura Robson but more important to us is to facilitate the next generation of ‘Toddler Tennis’ stars and a life long passion for tennis.

What are the Benefits?
Our experience has demonstrated that these tailored sessions will:

  • Speed up the development process.
  • Improve your child’s coordination, balance, agility.
  • Advance important social, mental and physical attributes.
  • Teach on and off court etiquette.
  • Learn new skills/rules of the game.

What is Mini Tennis?
Mini Tennis is a scaled down version of tennis, which uses sponge/felt balls, 17’/19’ rackets and 2 metre mini nets. It provides the perfect introduction to the sport with all the fun and energy of the real thing. This tailored approach enables children to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.

Tell me more!
Toddler Tennis encourages development by combining sending, receiving and hitting exercises with ABC’s (agility, balance, and coordination) and games. The structured programme is split into 4 sections; Warm up, ABCs, Main theme and a game to finish. These elements are incorporated into a fun and varied 30 minute session. Your child will not only learn the skills but also the tennis specific vocabulary including forehand, backhand, volley and serve.

Not sure?
Why not take a look at our current Toddler Tennis sessions and bring your child along to a FREE no-commitment session.