Blog 1: Why all children should be able to throw and catch by 5 years old.

Nowadays, teaching your children to swim and ride a bike are seen as essential skills to learn at an early age – people are almost shocked if you can’t do these skills by 6 or 7. Swimming usually starts from around 6 months old and riding a bike can start from around 2, when children can use balance bikes, stabilisers etc. So my question is, why on earth is throwing and catching not in this catergory?!…….

17th December 2018 – Jess Mapp

Blog 2: 12 Days of Christmas!

Need some ideas for keeping the kids active over the Christmas holidays?

Holidays can be a great chance to spend quality time with the children. I have come up with some fun and competitive games over 12 days to provide your children with hours of energy burning entertainment! All activities can be done inside or outside and do not require any specialised equipment…..